The Banks' Story

2020 Gift of Warmth Recipients


Each winter, United Way of Frederick County partners with BGE HOME for a Gift of Warmth. A call goes out to the community for nominations of hardworking families lacking a reliable home heating system. This past winter, one nomination stood out from all the rest. Searching for a blessing to help his family, 12-year-old Aiden Banks, happened to find the application form online.

With his older brother’s help, Aiden wrote in part: “My dad survived cancer and retired early from being a police officer of 20 years to take care of my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s Disease and my Grandma is sick too. My mom works and volunteers at a hospice. It has been very sad at our house because we don’t have the money to replace the HVAC that broke in July. In the morning I am so cold. My parents say we will just have to do the best we can until we save the money. We wear extra clothes and use blankets too. My parents say we just have to keep asking God for a blessing. I found this application so I hope maybe it will reach God too. Thank you for looking at my story.”

Within a few weeks, the Banks family had a new $10,000 heating system installed by BGE HOME, all free of charge. Aidan’s mother said the gift was both a great surprise and a great blessing. “I was just blown away because Aiden is very humble and he’s a boy of few words.”

Aiden, thank you for showing us the power of words and speaking up for those in need in our community.

Watch this video below about the 2020 Gift of Warmth.