Focus Area: Financial Stability

Helping households become financially stable and independent.


Households access basic needs from proactive, prevention focused, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate systems that foster self-sufficiency and asset building.


Continuing Education
Individuals pursue educational opportunities to increase financial stability.


Provide educational programs that lead to increased financial stability.

Possible indicators:
% increased enrollment in career track programs at post-secondary educational institutions in Frederick County.
% of post-secondary students pursuing an associate's degree or higher.

Provide professional development, training, or services to support households towards increasing their financial stability.

Possible indicator:
# of individuals enrolled/participating in professional training, skills, or certification programs for employment purposes.


Safe & Reliable Transportation
Households have access to affordable transportation that enables and empowers them to achieve their financial stability goals.


Connect households with affordable transportation options.

Possible indicator:
% change in transportation costs for ALICE Survival Budget.

Increase accessibility through public transportation and other options (bike access, walkability, etc.).

Possible indicator:
% of residents who drive to work.


Stable Housing
Safe, good quality housing units are available at an affordable cost.


Provide support for the whole continuum of housing from the chronically homeless to working families to satisfy all household needs.

Possible indicators
# of chronically homeless.
# of Frederick County Public School students who are considered homeless by the school system.

Increase inventory of affordable housing in safe, secure, and supportive communities to meet the need in Frederick County.

Possible indicators:
% of homeowners and renters that spend 30% or more of income on housing.
% reduction in the need for affordable housing units in Frederick County.

Seniors have access to safe and affordable housing

Possible indicator:
% of seniors desiring to age in place and able to do so